The Secure Voice Solution

Vermalloy® shielding is recognized as the most effective secure voice shielding material available. Its installations speak for themselves. It is specified on numerous military programs. It is even used to solve interference problems on entertainment systems of corporate aircraft. When dealing with low frequency interferences or protection, Vermalloy® is your solution.

Vermillion’s Vermalloy® shielding is also the most effective solution to magnetic shield applications. The high permeability of this alloy increases the absorption loss and eliminates both magnetic and electrical interference. In order to maximize design effectiveness, Vermillion customizes your shielding and jacketing materials to provide the highest signal integrity for your application. Coupled with additional materials, Vermalloy® can provide substantial weight savings while enhancing the properties of the cables.

Since 1966, Vermillion has provided the military with secure voice and data cables utilizing our exclusive Vermalloy® shielding materials. Applications include secure data transfer on submarines, voice and data on Special Ops aircraft, as well as ground vehicles and launch systems.