Wiring Harness

For over 40 years, Vermillion has provided the military and aerospace industry with high quality harness assemblies. Our dedication to the harness assembly business is unmatched in the military and aerospace world.  Our Wiring harness and cable assemblies capabilities include:

  • Automatic cut-to-length and strip
  • Certified soldering – ANSI J001 – J006 (replaces MIL-STD-2000) Testing
  • Nova 860 laser wire marking machine
  • Schlueniger automatic cut-to-length and strip machine
  • Schlueniger programmable coax strippers
  • New England Butt Braiders (15 machines) 16-64 carrier
  • Experienced technicians on all heat shrink products, including NBC materials
  • DIT-MCO Test Equipment (Link URL http://www.vermillioninc.com/2010/test_equipment.php)